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Thank you for visiting my page and thinking about therapy. In an ideal world, everyone should have someone that they can talk to. But not everyone’s world is ideal and sometimes, talking to someone you know may be difficult, or even problematic. So maybe I can help. Therapy comes in many forms and my therapy with you is one that is empathic and enlightening. The therapeutic relationship is unique and tailored to your needs. What we learn from each other, creates a vibration that is echoed to explore and develop. My ethos is to respect your needs and work together to drive towards your desired outcome. Every therapist will have their own way of working because we all have our own thoughts, theories and experiences. I am trained to listen with an analytic ear and I can help you to discover (and rediscover) aspects of yourself that maybe, you didn’t even know you had (or forgotten). There’s an old Chinese proverb that I like… ‘reading ten thousand scrolls; rather walk ten thousand miles.’ When we search for answers, our first point is the internet or books but what we can’t grasp from written literature, is the life experiences of interaction and blind spots. In my journeys, I have encountered and experienced many difficulties and I want to help you to overcome yours. My passion comes from deep within. It is only through talking and exploration, that one can begin to make sense of their feelings and find their cure. I want your therapeutic journey to bring you a space to think, grow and feel better. A journey of ten thousand miles, begins with one step and this step begins with your initial contact. Take that first step and enquire below. Your initial 30 minute meeting is free… an opportunity to elaborate before deciding.

What I do

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I am a qualified psychodynamic counsellor. Psychodynamic psychotherapy is a form of psychology… a view of the mind in terms of different psychic systems. (more…)

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As a relationship therapist, I integrate the Psychoanalytic view and the Gottman Method. Every relationship is unique but sometimes the issues are similar… (more…)

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Hypnotherapy is a type of complementary medicine. By guiding you into hypnosis, a deeper and healthier relaxed state, your sub-conscious comes to the forefront. (more…)

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The 2020 pandemic has caused a mixture of feelings to everyone, including myself. Not only had I experienced the impacts of lockdown, but my vulnerable mum also contacted the symptoms and had a near-death experience. The coronavirus had affected my internal and external world.

In January, Wuhan China, was locked down and the World Health Organisation declared the novel coronavirus outbreak as a ‘public health emergency of international concern’. I watched at distance, as my friends and family live amid concern.

When Covid19 hit Europe in February, the Chinese community here was also hit hard. Many of them, encountered racism and more extended to abuse.

Then in March, the Director of WHO declared Covid19 a global pandemic. We saw UK implementing measures by closing schools and enforcing lockdown. My work life was suddenly halted. My clients disconnected. Everyone was affected. Some lost all income, some furloughed, some went into isolation and some had to work. Everyone would had felt a degree of uncertainty. Everyone will have experienced an emotional disturbance. But not everyone can self sooth.

How do you look after your well-being? Can you, self sooth? Do you have emotional support? Our uncertainties are not just during lockdown. As restrictions eases, how does the aftermath feel for you? Some will look forward to the transition back to normality and some will question, what is normality now?

Have you already returned to ‘normal’? Is it normal?

Sometimes, it’s not the here and now, but the circumstances that surrounds you impacts most. Maybe, it’s the lack of space, mentally and physically. Or perhaps, buried emotions, silent issues or underlying ‘matters’ that got uprooted causing further distress.  How has this pandemic affected you? 

There are many reasons and every reason are unique to the individual. Exploring emotions can embrace changes. Changes assist personal growth. The therapeutic journey is about feeling good and feeling better through self-discovery and insights.

During this outbreak, Therapy With is working in collaboration with other therapists. We have unified a list of counsellors, coaches, and hypnotherapist to provide therapy online. Our aim to conjoin our availabilities, to provide as many 1-to-1 supports as possible.

Have you thought about therapy? Or is there a type of therapy that you’re curious about? Curiosity helps us to survive. The urge to explore and seek for answers helps us to remain vigilant and gain knowledge about out constant changing environment. It is a complex emotion, as it also affects the chemistry in the brain… it prompts the release of dopamine, activates the rewards system, and ups motivation. So, if you have thought about counselling, coaching sessions or wondered what hypnosis is about, then this is a good time to explore.

We will offer our initial 30min telephone meeting free to answer any questions you may have and gauge a feel for each other. There’s no obligation to continue. We are here to provide support. Sometimes, just talking for 30 minutes can release dopamine. If you think we can help, please enquire.


*Please note that all therapy sessions are currently conducted Online.

The journeys we remember are experiences and memories that we choose to be at the forefront.

How we think, what we like and why we react are all questions that only our inner selves can answer. For each of us are unique structures, just like trees. Our growth is dependent on the quality of the seed, the quality of nurture and the quality of nature. It’s also dependent on whether it’s been shaped by anyone too. Then how we grow, ourcore, branches, colour and cracks are all different. To explore the how, what and why, we need to revisit our core and cracks.

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