About Me

My philosophy is represented by the ‘Lin flower’… the Lotus flower. It is one of the most ancient and deepest symbols of our planet. The magical flower grows in muddy waters but finds a way to rise above the surface to bloom with remarkable beauty. Untouched by the impurity, Lotus symbolises the purity of heart and mind, it is a survivor that pushes through and finds the sunlight. I am a Lin flower.

My name is Po Chan. I am British born with a Chinese cultural background. My logo is my tattoo, a symbolism of my philosophy. After graduating and working in the UK, I spent another decade working and exploring Asia. My journeys have covered more than ten thousand miles. I embarked on an entrepreneurial path, managing a hospitality business, and held a directorial position, managing people. I also worked in schools, supporting children who needed a bit more attention.

My varied career across my lifetime has given me opportunities to work with different traditions and cultures. Then, I continued my development to become a psychotherapist.

I have experience in cultural and societal differences, anxiety, abuse, trauma, loss and relationship issues. My work has shown:

  • differences could be what you believe is not how it is perceived
  • how you feel internally is not how you are externally
  • gender and race inequality arise from biology, psychology and cultural norms but can feel unfair
  • anxiety can be incorporated in everyday life or everyday struggle
  • anxious feelings can be felt without known reasons
  • abuse is either misuse (substance) or mistreats (person), either to oneself (self-harm) or to another
  • trauma involves an overwhelming event or an accumulation of events that exceeds one’s abilities to cope and continue
  • bereavement, miscarriage, abortion, separation and divorce are all losses that affect the mind in different ways
  • there are four types of relationships: family, friends, acquaintances and romantic… conflicts are unavoidable but if aspects are compromised, then problems will surface that would affect the relationship and the self.

If any of the above, resonates with you then I can definitely help. I understand that all our experiences are different. The community, society, culture, and family dynamics and traits, can all play a part in how we feel and how we react. Just anxious alone can mean scared, helpless, insecure, embarrassed, and/or even weak. Whatever it is, talking can help. My knowledge is broad, and my thoughts can reach the horizon. I like using metaphors too.

I have a strong belief in self-worth. I have a strong desire to reach for perfection, but I also consider that imperfections can be perfect too. My wealth of experiences has given me compassion and the capacity to help you to overcome your difficulties. I can help you work towards strong groundings through self-discovery and self-love. Take that first step for self-worth and enquire here.