Couples Counselling

As a relationship therapist, I integrate the Psychoanalytic view and the Gottman Method. Every relationship is unique but sometimes the issues are similar… evolving from an understanding and/or communication breakdown. This doesn’t necessary mean that you don’t talk or understand. It could be every time you do talk or show empathy that it ends in conflict. Or maybe a situation or event has happened, causing the breakdown…a baby or betrayal perhaps. Coming into therapy is not about resolving all conflicts because that is impossible. It’s about creating a space to explore each-others internal space. When one is talking then the other is actively listening. Conflicts are unavoidable but they can be managed and if it is managed well, then this creates a space for growth and understanding. My role is to listen to your individual needs and wants, then if and when necessary, to manage and integrate research-based interventions based on The Gottman Institute’s Sound Relationship House Theory. It’s about moving forward together, creating some understanding and boundaries.

I trained with Gottman Insititute, Dr Bill Bumberry, a licensed clinical psychologist. His philosophy sits well with my values and experience. His wisdom for family relationships is soul searching and I am touched with his knowledge and will bring all aspects, along with my experiences and viewpoints, to every couple in need.

Sessions are 70 minutes and are £75.

Tailored programmes available, enquire here.