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“Own picture. It was a long hike before reaching this tranquil destination. No network and no electricity. The journey with extra water baggage, the up and down hills, the sweat and tears, the accompanying people, all made this walk worth while. In anything in life, you have to work at it, to get where you want. ”

Individual counselling is a one to one open ended relationship. Sessions are 50 minutes and are £65, available online and in-person. Sessions should start on a weekly basis and usually last months. There is no set time. However, ending therapy is a delicate process and therefore notice and diligence are required. When you feel this time has come, we will explore the requirements then work towards a safe ending.

Relationship therapy is a space to explore relational difficulties and barriers, whether these are family members or romantic partners. Sessions are 70 minutes and are £95, available online and in-person. Sessions should be on a regular basis and there is no set time as every relationship is unique. But a tailored programme can be devised. The goal of therapy is to create and acknowledge, internal space and capacity, for growth and understanding.

Hypnotherapy is short-term therapy.  Sessions are 60 minutes and are £95, available online and in-person. Sessions are tailored to individual needs and should be at regular intervals.  Hypnosis is very safe. You must allow yourself to go into that altered state of mind to feel relaxed. Some experience a floating sensation, some feel very heavy, and some say, it feels like they are just about to fall asleep. Everyone is unique, as to their experience, but all say it’s deeply relaxing.

All sessions must be paid in advance.  Please enquire payment methods. If a session is booked and is subsequently cancelled, for any reason whatsoever, then 1 week’s notice is required. All cancellations and amendments with less than 1-week notice are subject to a fee.

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  • I am fully and comprehensively insured in all my practice.
  • I comply with GDRP
  • As a member of BACP, I adhere to their Code of Ethics which can be found on their website.
  • I am also a member of The BAATN(Black, African and Asian Therapy Network).