Individual Counselling

The journeys we remember are experiences and memories that we choose to be at the forefront. How we think, what we like and why we react are all questions that only our inner selves can answer. For each of us are unique structures, just like trees. Our growth is dependent on the quality of the seed, the quality of nurture and the quality of nature. It’s also dependent on whether it’s been shaped by anyone too. Then how we grow, our core, branches, colour and cracks are all different. To explore the how, what and why, we need to revisit our core and cracks.

I am a qualified psychodynamic counsellor. Psychodynamic psychotherapy is a form of psychology… a view of the mind in terms of different psychic systems.
A Chinese proverb says ‘three-year-olds set to eighty’…this means the patterns you’ve learnt before the age of three are prefixed till you’re eighty. And this is part of the psychodynamic theory… past experiences being in the present moment. Although along the way, one would pick up other attachments and suggestions, stored in another system, so there will be other knowledge set in the ego.

But fundamentally what we have learnt and felt as a child, is stored deep wired into the unconscious so it’s unavailable to the conscious mind… an imprint on our hard drive. Therefore, at times, we don’t know why we react the way we react, or why we feel the way we feel, but we can feel it because what is wired together, fires together.

Entering counselling can be daunting for one person but exciting for another. It’s a personal perspective and response. Each client will bring their own experience and every experience is unique to the individual. The counselling space is non-judgemental and provides a safe haven to explore all your thoughts and feelings. It is profoundly true that when a person, is able to grow as a result of learning from the inner capacities of another, that other is also deeply affected. Through interactions, I have seen many ‘lightbulb’ moments in the room and it’s these insights that develop and prepare us for change. Psychoanalysis Margot Waddell said, ‘those who can trust us, educate us.’ The counselling space is trusted and confidential.

Sessions are 50 minutes and are £65, available online and in-person.

Sliding Scale available for those in financial hardship. Enquire here.